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Plastic Waste into
Sustainable Concrete

Our Vision

Plastic Recycling Tracker

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Our Vision


Upcycling millions of tonnes of plastic waste

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Reducing the carbon footprint of the construction industry

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A fully circular, local solution for the plastic waste crisis

The EcoBricks Solution

Any Plastic Waste

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EcoBricks concrete can use type 1-7 plastic

We can utilise plastics that are impossible to recycle e.g. mixed plastics


Circular Economy

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Local waste

Local production

Local usage


High Quality

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Tested to international standards

Looks, feels and performs like regular concrete

Wide range of industry standard and customised products


No Harmful Emissions

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100% cold process = no heating + no emissions + no pollutants

Minimal processing = less energy usage + lower embodied carbon



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EcoBricks are lighter but just as strong

Reduces carbon footprint and cost of transportation



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Replaces natural aggregates with local plastic waste

Reduces habitat destruction from mining and dredging

Avoids carbon emissions  and marine pollution from shipping of natural aggregates

Recent Projects

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Gold Coast Piazza, HK

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Q1 2022

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5.4 tonnes plastic upcycled

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560 washing machines

Why EcoBricks

Our Bricks

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Concrete Paving Bricks

Our eco-friendly concrete bricks look, feel and perform the same as conventional ones, but with a much lower carbon footprint

They have been independently tested and certified to international standards for compressive strength, abrasion resistance, water absorption and slippage resistance

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Why EcoBricks?

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Only 9% of all the plastic waste that has ever been produced has been recycled

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80% of global plastic waste in our oceans comes from Asia

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Intensive processing and high cost of current recycling means virgin plastics are often cheaper 

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Increasingly complex and hybrid plastic products are impossible to separate and recycle

The Plastic Waste Crisis

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Concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world. The only substance we use more of is water

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Concrete use has grown exponentially. In just 3 years, China consumed more concrete than the US did in the entire 20th century

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Concrete production accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions, more than 3x the emissions from the aviation industry

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Raw materials for concrete are shipped thousands of miles across the globe, further increasing its environmental impact and carbon footprint


Environmental Impact of Concrete

Limitations of Current Recycling Solutions

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There are thousands of different types of plastics, but only a fraction can currently be recycled across the world

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Collection, sorting, processing and transportation costs render most existing recycling solutions financially unviable

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Short-term focus- huge carbon emissions and energy consumption to turn single-use plastic into yet more single-use plastic

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Passing the buck - plastic waste is often shipped to developing nations, causing disproportionate social and environmental harm to those regions

Building a greener future, brick by brick

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Our Awards

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Inventions Geneva Award 2022

Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury


Build4Asia Awards 2022

Outstanding Building Materials (Green)


CIC Innovation Awards 2022

1st Prize - Construction Sustainability


Innovation Challenge 2023

Winners - Circular Economy

Our Partners

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